Vietnamese Culinary Week in Belgium 2021

This September 2021 has witnessed many important events for Viet Nam.

As you may know, our National Day started this beautiful month on the 2nd of September and followed by our High Ranking Delegation headed by President of National Assembly  to Belgium and EU on 7th and 8th of September.  Our very delight “Full Moon Festival” – Tết Trung Thu in Vietnamese or so-call ‘’Reunion Festival” with a full moon shining luminously on 21st September.

Please do not forget that this September also marked one year that the Vietnam – EU Free Trade Agreement took affect with many fruitful results for both Viet Nam and EU.

With that in mind, Let’ s celebrate our significant September and start brilliant October by Vietnamese delicious  foods from our restaurants and supermarkets (listed below). Particularly, on the 1st and 2nd October, they can treat you well with signature dishes and small but surprise gifts.  

We also bear in our mind when you spend your precious time in our Family Festival on 10th of October 2021 at Plaine de Jeux at Place de la Petite Suisse 12, 1050 Brussels. We will prove that your time is valuable with our Pho – Noodle, Vietnamese fastfood and drink; Typical “Moon cake”, Lantern and Country-side decoration; lion-dance, magics and surprise gifts as well as playground for kids.

10 free vouchers (cost 20 euros/voucher)  for each restaurant will reserved for you if you take part in our mini-game  in next days.

You are warmly welcomed at our  Vietnamese Supermarkets  as:

1/ Hoang Trinh Super Market

Chaussee de Boondael 325, 1050 Ixelles.

Discount 10% for all guest during the event

2/ Spar supermarkt

Halveweg 101, 3520 Zonhove

3/ Supermarkt Vinamex

Avenue Georges Henri 378, 1200 Woluwé Saint Lambert

You can find Vietnamese Tradition in the following Vietnamese Typical Restaurant

1/ Gallery Resto Boutique

Groteherststraat 7, 1000 Brussel

One portion of typical dessert will be presented for all guest in 1st and 2nd October

2/ “Hanoi Station“

Cameleon 15, Avenue Ariane, 1200.

Buy one drink get another free during in the dinner from Wednesday to Sunday.

Lucky Draw during the event

3/ Kumquat Restaurant

Noordstraat 1B, 1000 Brussel

All guests will be welcomed with one aperitif drink

4/ L’Orchidee Blanche

Boondaalsesteenweg 436 – 1050 Ixelles

Lucky draw in the Restaurant for vouchers of 15euros and surprise gift during the event

5/ Meli Mely

Chaussée de Louvain 523, 1030 Schaerbeek

Once portion of Nem – Spring roll is served for every guest during the event.

6/ Pho Diem Xuan

Chaussee de Boondael 325, 1050 Ixelles–1837437046374860

Discount 20% for all guest during the event

7/ Pho pho

Boulevard du Jardin Botanique 6, 1000 Brussels

Lucky Draw of free voucher and more in Family Festival on 10th October 2021 at Plaine de Jeux at Place de la Petite Suisse 12, 1050 Brussels

8/ Smart Meal restaurant

Interleuvenlaan 5, 3000 Leuven

Lucky Draw for free voucher of sugar-cane juice in Family Festival on 10th October 2021 at Plaine de Jeux at Place de la Petite Suisse 12, 1050 Brussels

9/ Chez Fleur 
326 Chaussée de Boondael, 1050 Ixelles

Chez Fleur

Lucky Draw for free vouchers or more in the restaurant during the event

10/ “Moon cake” Atelier Kimmie

We sell traditional moon cake of Vietnam in Plaine de Jeux at Place de la Petite Suisse 12, 1050 Brussels

Lucky Draw for free Moon cakes Plaine de Jeux at Place de la Petite Suisse 12, 1050 Brussels on 10th October 2021

Minigame Rule for Free Vouchers in our fabulous restaurants:

The player will guess the name of the dish or name of the breath- taking sightseeing in Vietnam and guess how many players have the same correct answer.

the Players who has correct answer on the name of the dish or place and correct or the most approximate correct guesses on the number of correct answer player will be awarded a voucher worth about 15 euros .

If many people guess the same correct answer, it will be calculated according to the response time on first come, first server. The answer modified will not be counted. If you want to change the answer, please make new comment.

The Minigame runs for 1 days from 29th – 30th September. On the 19.00 of 30th September the mini game is close. Any answer after 19.00 of 30th September will not be accepted. The result will be announce on 1st October.
Winners will receive a notification via the message with the name of winner and the code uniquely for each winner. The voucher is reserved only for the winner and can not be transferred to any one as well as can not change to money.

To activate the voucher in the restaurant, please open directly your message you receive from the Program, the restaurant will check the name of my company, the name of winner in the message and the code of the voucher. If all is correct, you can enjoy the value of voucher immediately.

The amount less than the voucher will not be refunded and please pay the amount exceeding the voucher. The voucher is valid in two week since the date that winner receive the code.

Please enjoy with Vietnam. Thank you

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