Vietnamese Fruits – quintessence of Vietnam’ s earth and sky are eager and would like to serve EU citizens

As you may know, Vietnam has many delicious tropical fruits such as mango, durian, guava, litchi, longan, passion fruits, dragon fruits, coconut, jackfruits, mangosteen and grapefruits,  and many more. They  are exported to many countries and regions in the world including EU, US, Japan, Australia and all has been received warm welcome from consumers.

Please reserve Trade Section of Embassy of Vietnam to Belgium and EU a chance to meet you for our brighter future under Vietnam – EU Free Trade Agreement. 

Our address: Avenue de Foestraets 16, 1180, Uccle, Brussels, Belgium. Email: Tel: +32 2 311 89 76. Mobile: +32 470 49 8333. Thank you for your attention

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