Vietnamese Cuisine Week in Belgium

Celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Vietnam and the EU, and the 1st anniversary of the entry into force of the Free Trade Agreement between Vietnam and the EU, the Trade Office, Vietnam Embassy in Belgium, Luxembourg and the EU organize Vietnamese Cuisine week in Belgium in September 2020.

You are welcomed at our typical and Embassy – certified- Vietnamese restaurants and supermarket below.

During the culinary week of Vietnam, please join our interaction on the facebook page to receive a gift of 02 free lunch meals with signature Vietnamese dishes.

We hope you take time to take part our program, come and enjoy Vietnamese food at the restaurants and if you have the opportunity, we are very happy to welcome you in Vietnam.

Phở bò Việt Nam – Beef noodle
Gỏi cuốn – Fresh spring roll

Bánh mì – Vietnamese bread

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