Vietnamese Lychee: happy say hello to EU

Grown in Hai Duong and Bac Giang provinces, lychee is now providing a lifeline for many Vietnamese farmers. These major lychee growing localities alone, annually, harvest about 200.000 tons, equivalent to 10% of Vietnam’s lychee production destined for export. Lychees, famous for their reddish skin and delicious, jelly-like pulp, are Vietnam’s favourite summer fruit. Sweet, succulent, subtle in fragrance, lychee is crowned “Lucky fruit”, “Fruit of Love” or “Fruit of Romance” in Vietnam.

Lychee is native to Northern Vietnam thanks to the suitable climate conditions and is believed to be indigenous to the localities along the Red River since 100 years B.C. Glossy, juicy and heavenly sweet, lychees have all in their auspicious properties and were believed to bring luck, prosperity and fertility. In the long list of healthy fruits, lychee is leading with numerous attributes: a source of dietary fibers, vitamins and minerals, pain reliever, or even a cure for cancer and kidney diseases! Lychee is a natural cosmetic to moisturize skin, reduce wrinkles, keep hair healthy, and strengthen bones…

Over the years, lychee cultivation has spread to neighboring countries such as China, Myanmar, India and recently to Madagascar, South Africa, Mexico…

For many years, thanks to the application of VietGAP and GlobalGAP processes, the cultivation of lychee in Vietnam is now standardized. Lychee cultivation areas in Vietnam are granted specific codes for export. All these areas are monitored to control the cultivation process and to ensure product traceability. The traceability stamp allows customers to easily check and track lychee products when buying lychee from Vietnam. Thanks to these efforts, Vietnam’s lychees are gradually gaining recognition from international buyers as the best lychees in the world.

Since 2021, Vietnam’s lychees have a chance to say hello with EU customers and seemly are welcomed very much thank to its advantages of sweet taste and attractive perfume. Its first arrival in many supermarket in Europe like: Tang Freres, Thanh Binh Jeunes, Carrefour, Spa, Plus, Jumbo and many other Asian super market.

On the nice mood, brothers and sisters of Vietnam Lychee such as longan, dragon fruits, rice and so many other delicious fruits will try their best to serve EU costumers with the best taste from Vietnam soon.

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